What is your cancellation policy?

We try to be flexible as much as possible. We understand things happen and in this day in age, COVID is still very much a part of our everyday life. That said, we offer a full refund up to 5 days before your reservation date. Then a 50% refund for cancellations 5 days from reservation date. No refund within 48 hours of your trip, but we do offer credits which are transferable to friends and family!
Recommended!: You can purchase trip insurance during checkout for a minimal price as well. This will help cover the price of your trip cancellations. During Covid this has really helped some of our customers with last-minute cancellations due to travel restrictions. It’s a small price to pay for a guarantee of obtaining a refund for last-minute cancellation.

AFTER YOUR RENTAL PERIOD STARTS, WE DO NOT REFUND IF YOU VOLUNTARILY DECIDE TO TURN YOUR RENTAL IN EARLY FOR ANY REASON. We do offer rental credits for rescheduled travel dates and credits may be transferred to friends and/or family.

Are there any restrictions on where I can drive?

You must only drive on designated highways and roads, including trails to official camping spots. NO DRIVING ON 4×4 TRAILS OR TO PEAHI  (JAWS SURF SPOT) and other areas. There are some rough and narrow roads past Hana on the ‘backside’ near Kipahulu. We suggest you plan ahead to only traverse this section of road once, as you are responsible for the return condition of your camper at the end of your stay.

Are there mileage charges/limits for my rental?

No, Maui is an island and pretty small.

Where is your Pick up and drop off location?

589 Lot#3 Haleakala Hwy, Kahului, HI 96732. We are located directly outside of the Maui Airport (OGG) about 5 minutes away, across the street from Costco Gas Station and 2 lots north of the food truck park. Since google maps may be wrong, you could tell your uber/taxi driver to bring you to the food truck park where Kalei’s Lunch Box and Haven’s are and then walk over to us. **Please know we operate out of this location during business hours, from 8:00am – 6:00pm however if your arrival time is outside of operating hours and an exception has been made for an early or late arrival, we may have you come to our Kihei location about 20 minutes from the airport and the Uber/Taxi cost will be your responsibility.

Where can I camp? Is freedom/boondock camping allowed?

Maui has 8 designated camping locations all around the island and you’ll be able to reference our complete camping guide, which we send to you upon a confirmed booking. This will offer information on Maui camping spots and all our favorite local spots to check out for our restaurants, beaches, and hikes. We only recommend camping at designated camping spots on island. “Freedom” or “Boondock” camping is NOT allowed or recommended.

Do you have additional camping equipment?

Yes. We’re happy to provide it depending on availability. Please inquire.

How much luggage can I bring?

Our camper trucks typically have enough room for one piece of luggage or backpack for each person, but if you’re traveling with just 2 people, you will have the entire backseat for luggage. Our Jeep model is a bit more compact and we recommend you pack light for this adventure. We find that travelers who arrive with a couple backpacks and/or hiking packs typically have the most room to spare. For travelers with more luggage than they might not need while they are camping, we’re happy to store the excess luggage while you are on your adventure with us until your return.


How old do I have to be to rent a camper?

Minimum driver age that we can insure is 25. If you have your own auto policy that covers rentals in the USA with full coverage collision AND liability we are able to make exceptions. Please inquire.

When do I pay?

The booking deposit is due upon reservation. The balance of your rental is due three (3) days before arrival. The security deposit is due three (3) days before arrival

Driver License requirements?

U.S./Canada residents require a valid driver license. International drivers require a valid driver license and passport. If your license is not written in the latin alphabet or english, you are required to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Is there a minimum rental period? Are we able to just book 1 or 2 nights?

Yes. The minimum rental period for our camper vehicles is three (3) nights. As you can imagine, a lot of work goes into getting our campers clean and ready for your adventure and 1 or 2 days is simply not nearly enough to explore what Maui has to offer!

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. A credit card authorization, or ‘charge hold’ is completed three (3) days before arrival and will be released after the booking, given no damages to the vehicle.


Will someone meet me at the airport?

Due to Covid constraints, pickups are schedule/availability-dependent at this time. We are located near the airport (along with 15 food trucks!) right outside of Kahului (OGG) Airport. It’s a quick 2 minute ride to us via taxi/Uber/Lyft if needed. For arrivals/departures between 6pm and 8am, we will coordinate with you personally with specific instructions.

We're having so much fun, can we extend the rental of the camper?

We can’t blame you for falling in love with Maui! Give us a call as soon as you know you’d like to extend your stay, and if your vehicle is available, we will gladly extend the rental for you. Note that rental extensions are not guaranteed and depend on vehicle availability at the time of request.

Will someone show me how to operate my camper?

Yes! We want to make sure that you are comfortable with and know how to operate everything that is included with your camper vehicle, including gear and even driving tips! Please plan for a 20 minute vehicle orientation.

Can you store my luggage for me?

Yes, we’re happy to but try as much as possible to ‘pack light.‘ We offer a small amount of secure storage space for excess luggage. If you also have a hotel stay booked during your trip, your hotel will usually accept your excess bags. Lastly, the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center, or ‘Queen K Mall’ offers free luggage storage.

What can I expect at the end of my trip?

You will meet us at our location at your specified return time, with a full fuel tank to complete your post-rental vehicle inspection (5-10 min) and we can most likely drop you off at the airport for your departure. For after-hours departures, we will coordinate with you personally with specific instructions.


Are all the vehicles automatic?

Yes, all of the vehicles we own are automatic

We're having so much fun, can we extend the rental of the camper?

We can’t blame you for falling in love with Maui! Give us a call as soon as you know you’d like to extend your stay, and if your vehicle is available, we will gladly extend the rental for you. Note that rental extensions are not guaranteed and depend on vehicle availability at the time of request.

Are all the tents and inclusions the same?

Yes, all of our tents are Tuffstuff overland tents and all the inclusions for each vehicle are the same, with the exception of the Jeep as it is smaller in size, we do not provide additional camping chairs.

Where do you shower and use the restroom?

All major public beach parks and most designated campsites have showers and restrooms. The trucks also have showers attached to them for a quick rinse and we do provide a 7 gallon jug of water for dishes or rinsing.

What if I damage the vehicle?

Things happen. If you are driving along and a rock dings the windshield, you are responsible for any costs associated with fixing the windshield. This is true of any small ding, scratch, or minor damage to the vehicle. You’ll do a walk around with a team member before checking out the vehicle, and another upon return of the vehicle. The cost to repair minor scrapes, dings, and damages will be deducted from your security deposit.

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